Peter Timm

Timm Blue is the legacy and in remembrance of Peter Timm.

After leaving the Free State, he created Triton Dive Lodge and Charters where he was an experienced CMAS diving instructor and a pioneer in Trimix diving. This enabled him to use an artificial mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and helium to descend to over 100m.

On 28 October 2000, at a depth of 104 metres, Peter and two other divers – Pieter Venter and Etienne le Roux – saw what they thought were three large potato bass in a cave. It was then he found the Coelacanth. Here in Sodwana Bay, where the continental shelf plummets downwards, and Peter spent his time on hundreds of dives below 100m. This is a place that has seen less people than space, and Peter dived with more Coelacanths than any other living man.

He was passionate about the survival of our oceans and educating others, to not only protect but enjoy and explore this wonderful underwater world.

The owner of Triton Dive Lodge at Sodwana Bay died tragically in a scuba diving accident in June 2014 and is succeed by Eve Marshall, who continues ignite his memory and inspire in her own right.

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